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Iconic fashion designer <a href="http://calimaju.win/celebrities/karl-lagerfeld/credits/249002/">Karl Lagerfeld</a> died Feb. 19 in Paris. He was 85. The famously tireless German-born designer served as the creative director of luxury brands Chanel and Fendi, as well as his own eponymous label. Lagerfeld, who made an uncredited appearance as himself in <a href="http://calimaju.win/movies/zoolander/tv-listings/134602/"><em>Zoolander</em></a>, was rarely seen without his signature look: dark shades, white ponytail and a high starched collar. "I'm very much down to earth," read one Lagerfeld quote in <em>The World According to Karl</em>, a 2013 collection of his most memorable sayings. "Just not this earth."
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